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The recent global ransomware outbreak (widely publicised as NHS Cyber Attack) is a recent example in a long line of similar ransomware outbreaks.

This one was particularly an issue because as well as corrupting systems it was able to exploit a bug in windows to spread to other computers on the network. The particular bug it used was fixed by Microsoft 2 months ago but computer systems not receiving updates would have still been vulnerable. Please note; that the original infection in each affected organisation is still believed to have come from users clicking on a malicious email.


Immediate Action

All computers should be receiving and installing Windows updates regularly.

All systems we support are set to receive updates automatically so all supported systems should be protected.

Security advice:

  • Do not continue to use old unsupported systems (Windows XP/Windows Vista)
  • Do Treat all email attachments as suspicious.
  • Do Treat all emails asking you to click a link as suspicious.
  • Do not visit disreputable websites, not limited to but including:
    • links shared through social media
    • websites with illegal downloads – pirate music, movies, software
  • If unsure about any email, please call System IT first before opening
  • If you notice anything unusual happening on your computer i.e. pop ups or messages appearing on screen then call System IT immediately and shut your computer down.

Extra Measures

  • Cyber Essentials – System IT are certified to carry out this government backed scheme which is designed for business to assess the current IT security situation and implement solutions which would have stopped this ransomware attack. You can read more about Cyber Essentials by visiting if you would like System I T to assess your current I T security situation please call us on 01228 516555.

  • Backups – If the worst does happen and your system is affected you will need to restore data from backups. System IT monitor all customers’ backups to ensure they are functioning as intended. Where off-site backups are two disks swapped onsite it is critical that the data is backed up regularly and procedures are followed by staff. For customers with good internet connectivity System IT can host off-site backups, removing the need for customers to swap disks, if you would like this service please contact us to discuss on 01228 516555.